Little Women

So apparently there is a lot of “outrage” surrounding this video, which features 7 and 8 year old girls performing in a dance competition, dancing to Beyonce’s Single Ladies. If you haven’t seen it, here it is:

And while I have my own personal views on whether little girls should be doing such dances, I am more than a little annoyed at the national press this “story” is getting. For I cannot help but notice the color of these little girls. Or more to the point, the color they are not. Because of course they are White.

My thing is this: Where was the national outrage when Drake and Lil Wayne had little girls – including Wayne’s daughter – on the stage at the BET awards while they sang about wanting to f*ck every girl in the world?? Do y’all remember the Juvenile video for Back That Ass Up when you knew it was 13 year old girls up in this video? Where was the national outrage when this was a summertime hit across the country, when it was OUR girls dancing inappropriately for their age?

How many times have you been at a talent show or dance competition and seen Black little girls doing all kinds of dances that you feel like you want to cover your eyes cause it just don’t seem right? Where is the national outrage any time OUR girls are treated like little women, instead of the children they are? Why does it take little White girls to gyrate for someone to say that there is a problem? There has BEEN a problem. It just must not have been the right color.

But of course, the media hasn’t even identified the problem correctly. They are blaming the parents – what’s wrong with these parents, they are asking. And perhaps some blame belongs there, perhaps. But like one of the parents said, this is an extremely popular song, with an extremely popular video. And Beyonce has every right to make it – she’s a grown ass woman.

But has anyone asked, why is this video on in the middle of the day? Is it appropriate for children? And the answer that is clear, judging by the media coverage, is that its okay for OUR kids, for OUR girls. As long as they thought only our girls were mimicking these videos, dressing like prostitutes and shaking what they mamas gave ’em, everything was all good.  But as soon as it soils the lily-white purity of THEIR girls – oh no, we have a problem. A national problem worthy of morning news while two wars are being fought, bombs are being set, the economy is being tripped by computer glitches, and so on.

This is some bull-ish. But who am I to complain – we got a black President. Hallelujah.

2 thoughts on “Little Women

  1. I had someone call me an idiot for likening that video to child porn.

    I think MANY of us express outrage over the inappropriate ways our children dance. Its just, as you say, no one cares because, after all, Black females are oversexed and expected to behave that way. We’re viewed as promiscuous whores from the minute we sprout breasts. Drake DID get a lot of flack over the video, it just didnt take over the news like this did.

    You know… they’re precious White angels. the OMG factor is so high. They arent supposed to be dancing to that jungle music!

    Its the same reason when little White girls go missing, Time itself stands still, but little Black girls can go missing and we MIGHT hear about it 4 weeks after her body is found.

    This is just some bull all around. I’m wondering what father allowed his daughter to go on stage and move like that. I want to know who choreographed that. Can you imagine him/her yelling “No!! You need to pop your ass more!!! Stick out that chest!!!” I want to throw up.


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