Move Out

It’s amazing what we will do for our children.

In the summer of 2009 it took my husband and I (as well as my kids who came along for wayyyyyyyy tooooo many hot car rides) months to find the “perfect apartment.” We refused to pay over $1500, were determined to have at least a three-bedroom and there was another particular requirement we HAD to fulfill.

We moved into a mansion in Manayunk. It was huge and for as much fun as we had declaring a theatre room and computer lab, we were up to our arms in sweat, dust and sweat trying to make our mansion more than just big. We filled holes (o.k. so maybe my husband filled holes), laid tile, painted, spackled, and painted some more) and now, a mere 11 mos. later, we have moved out.

The “perfect” school that I refused to settle on was a perfect disappointment and we have moved solely to put Mekhi in the number one school in the city. I am subletting a colleagues place in what is arguably the most sought after “hot box” (around the school) this side of the mason dixon.

I have gotten my hopes up before though and until I see for myself, I refuse to believe the hype.

Dear Hot Box,

We meet again. I did not miss your roaches or other creepy crawlers 😦 I also did not miss your frat boys! However, my friend, I received a costly but dynamite education here. I pray you will be equally kind to my son (and I appreciate that it’s free this time).

I pray to you and whatever deity or merciful benefactors that have birthed you that this move is not for nothing.


All Moved Out

6 thoughts on “Move Out

  1. You have said MORE than a word: the things we do for our children. My life has become one perpetual 16 year Master Card commercial. I keep focusing on the “Priceless” part otherwise I’d be stone. cold. crazy. lolol

    Nothing like a MAMA’s love, that’s for sure. Hell, high water, and even DEATH can’t stop us…

    Gotta love it!

    COngratulations on being MOVED. OUT.


  2. Yay! If you are back in the “hot box” I think you are in, I am simultaneously sorry for and jealous of you! How I miss that incredibly costly education we received!

    can’t wait to catch up next week.


  3. Oh Tanji! I feel like if someone had told me all this extra crap one had to go through for one’s children, many of us may have had second thoughts at the outset. Okay, not really, but reading your post and Benee’s post last week, I just have to wonder WHY it’s got to be so complicated for us. Were things like this for our parents? I’m telling you, I don’t think so. But I’m obsessed, no OBSESSED, with my kids having the best opportunities and the best education and the best … you know. I’m so so tired and my kids are still relatively babies. Sending the best wishes your way.


    1. I think the trick is being o.k. with being tired for the time period. The great news is that my mom is now retired in Florida and I’ve never seen her so youthful 🙂 35 more years . . . . 🙂


  4. what you won’t do…you’ll do for love…
    and good poitn tanji, look forward to the “Golden” years 🙂


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