6 thoughts on “it runs deep

  1. Wow….Tanji, what you were get out of these children…absolutely amazing. I’m going to start mentoring a young black teenager soon….I’m going to make sure she watches this.



  2. There’s a light coming out of that young girl; I hope she always holds on to it. I was impressed not just by the words, but by her delivery. I was also struck by the particular combination of her and the other images strewn in (I had the same reaction to the previous post; all images over the monologue) Is that your work, Tanji? It’s very powerful.


    1. I was the director/videographer and it’s my voice you hear calling the class to attention 🙂 Sorry for the delayed response!


  3. I had the pleasure of HEARING it first a few days ago…and was struck. now SEEING it just doubles the intensity! I have alll my money on the young folk. Til the day I die! GREAT post!


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