My Youngest Son Is My Boyfriend . . .

I can just imagine him now, eagerly anticipating my arrival home. As soon as he noticed I was there, talking to the gentleman I thought was my Valentine, he raced to the steps with a big smile and warm greeting. I thought nothing of it at first, after all he is always so attentive, and pleasant hellos are just a part of his normal repertoire. In fact, I should have been shocked that he did not leap into my arms and offer me a great big ‘ol hug. Instead, I remembered that I was still sound asleep when he left out with my husband this morning, and I spent those next few moments wishing him and his brother a “Happy Valentine’s Day.” Locke, my youngest son, replied with a simple request for me to reach “his bag” that was at the top of our bookshelf.

At first I told him no, thinking that he was trying to negotiate some after-hours candy. It was approximately 9:30PM when I arrived home (ON VALENTINE’s DAY), but I had spent all day at work working on a grant that had to be postmarked by today. He insisted and I caved and I grabbed the bag down from the shelf. “HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY MOM,” he yelled with an extremely proud smile as he dug in the bag and pulled out this card. I swear, at only three years old this kid has a heart that would charm a snake.

I know I’m not allowed to pick favorites and I swear I don’t have one but the differences between him and all the rest of the people in my family are like night and day. If this were my oldest son, my first family member :), he would have taken the disheveled, torn, card out of his bookbag, thrown it in my lap and walked away. If this were my husband, my second family member, he would have handed it to me in silence and waited to give me a gentle (somewhat weak), 🙂 hug. If this were my daughter, the fourth and latest addition,  I have a feeling she would have given me a smug look of diva charisma and concern, like: “I’m sorry, you’re home, and you don’t appear to be holding my present?”

But my boyfriend, Locke, waited in pure delight as I dramatically performed the words of his lovely poem. 🙂 He squeezed me so tight and gave me kisses like he always does. I know I am gushing, but this may be the best Valentine’s Day performance I have ever received. Older men take note from my three year old heartbreaker. He’s going to make a great man for someone someday.

CocoaMamas, what/who made you smile today?

5 thoughts on “My Youngest Son Is My Boyfriend . . .

  1. Tanji, this was absolutely delightful…thank you for sharing…it means a lot when someone (anyone) cares enough to make sure that you know how much they love you…especially if it’s a little one. Go Locke!


  2. This post made me smile! Our children love us, each in their own unique ways. The ways Locke loves you is just beautiful! What a treat to read…


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