The Miseducation of Byron Thomas. Or, if this is what they are teaching black kids, I’m homeschooling.

Doctor Mama Esquire

Another example of how this week has just been too much:

I am a black South Carolinian. Here’s why I support the Confederate flag. 

– By Byron Thomas, via WaPost

If this is what they are teaching black children in school — that their “ancestors” were Confederate cooks who “served” admirably (but like used as a tool for his own oppression?); that being black means you can’t possibly support racist institutions (but see racism without racists); that racists have “hijacked” the Confederate flag (but it was created to maintain a racist institution called SLAVERY); and there is an actual reasoned logical debate over whether the Civil War was fought because of slavery OR states’ rights (but it was the states’ rights to have slavery) — then I’m homeschooling starting tomorrow.

Because #ICant.

History Channel “history channel” by Reavel via flickr

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