And So It Begins…



Garvey's 1st Day on Earth

 I knew from the moment we decided upon his name, Garvey, he was going to be someone special. Of course, every parent feels this way about his/her child(ren). But, something in my soul knew he was meant to be. We didn’t plan him, he just kinda made his way to us. We fought a lot, but he brought us together. In the saddest moments I’ve had recently, his smile, semi-funny-but-not-really-funny jokes made me laugh, his dancing has kept me entertained… he’s been my rock. He is going to go far in life… His life has purpose!

Natural-Born Revolutionary

And now, he is going to school.  I discussed here the struggles we were having finding somewhere for him to go to school. On Friday, we finally found out where he is going to school and it happens to be one of the better schools in NYC. It’s conveniently located a few blocks from his father’s job, and my research tells me this is exactly where I want my son to begin his educational path to greatness. I’m quite pleased. He will live with his father during the week and stay with me on weekends. We worked this out in his best interest and I anticipate his success with this arrangement.

And so we’re opening the next chapter: School.

If I cry one more time…

New school clothes: Check
Fresh haircut: Check
Thomas and Friends Bookbag: Check
The Ability to Wipe Himself After #2: Check

Lately, I’ve just been watching him, this firey ball of energy who loves hugs, kisses, trains, and Michael Jackson. This beautiful prince whose future is so bright, this man-child I made. I’m just in awe of him sometimes… I get caught up in loving him so much, it can be overwhelming.

I’m ready. I’m ready to let my baby go out into the outer world we call school. I’m ready for him to make new friends, have new experiences, and be in the care of someone responsible for a bulk of his education. I’m ready for the cuts and bruises. I’m ready for pictures of turkeys made of his handprint. I’m ready for his first written sentence. I’m ready for him to say, “Mommy, don’t kiss me in front of my friends!” I’m ready for everything that comes with taking this next major step…

…I think.


I'm A Star

Yes, Baby… you are

12 thoughts on “And So It Begins…

  1. Wow, new beginnings are so amazing…and scary…and reflective. It’s so marvelous & nerve-wrecking at the same time. Moms are a resilient bunch and the tears strengthen us, even when we feel that our hearts are literally breaking. I’m happy for G, glad he got into a great school 🙂 I can’t wait to hear the school stories!

    When I took my 15 year old son to school onthe first day I got a little teary, remembering his 1st day, and how bright his eyes were (and mine, from tears). I look at my 3 year old and imagine the breakdown I’ll have when she goes to her first day of real school. My last baby! I refuse to even contemplate my pretty princess going to middle school next year. Pray that I remain conscious.


  2. There’s something really awesome about the way sons love their mothers, isn’t there? I wasn’t feeling well today and my son cuddled up beside me, stroking my arm and hugging me. Blessings on this part of the mommy journey!


    1. There is no bond like it. I just wish he’d give me 2 feet of space every now and then. But when he is older and out in the world, I’m going to wish he was following me walking in my shadow.


  3. this is adorable 🙂 my favorite in the cartoon is the teeth for lunchtime trade ups 🙂 i too am sending my son to Pre-K next week. BIG STEPS. He told me this morning when I dropped off my oldest for his first day of Elementary, “I want friendships!” I love it . . . told him, “seven more days,” with the biggest smile.


  4. Happy First Day of School to Garvey! It’s a big day for our children, but also such a big day for moms. I’m sure many a good blog posts will come out of his start of school! 🙂

    “I want friendships.” ummmm, quite possibly the cutest thing I’ve ever heard.


    1. Yeah… I will document most of it on his personal blog. I love his excitement. This is going to be fun! We have to keep the momentum going for boys because the schools lose them around 3rd or 4th grade. Have to keep this excitement going.


  5. Yay school! I went to the parent-teacher orientation today (mad late, but better late than never…) and I was so excited! The teachers hugged me and talked so much about my kids….I want to make friends too!


  6. YAY for first days of school!!! I get excited every Autumn- a chance to begin everything again- for both parent and child! This post just warmed my heart.


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